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I don't usually go in for this on fictional characters, but I thought I would pass on some wishes for our favorite anime diva on what would be her 12th birthday. Happy Birthday Asuka!
Hello all. It certainly has been a while since I called out to the membership. Sorry.

I want to address a new rule that has been enacted due to comments by the membership.

So far, I have been content to let the rules be very loose and liberal. Basically, if it doesn't violate DA's rules and it relates to Asuka, it can be in the group.

However, after listening to the membership I have decided that submissions that rely mostly on photoshops of pictures taken by other people (not the person who is submitting the deviation) will be limited to ONE (1) such submission. Make it a good one.

In the case of figurine art, after a couple pictures, it starts to get boring. Try doing different things, like different colors or backgrounds. After a while of similar photographs, your submissions will be DECLINED.

That is all.

For now.

I'll try to keep a closer tender on the club with more frequent journals and updates.
Just an apology, I approved a submission to the gallery that had NOTHING to do with Asuka. I think I have successfully deleted it, but tell me if you guys still see it.  It would have appeared this evening.

Furthermore, my apologies to the deviant who submitted it. Sorry for accepting it then deleting it. Not trying to be a jerk, but this is an Asuka only club and I didn't pay attention when I was clicking buttons tonight. Sorry! >_<

Until recently, I have been content to allow all content into our group that does not violate general DA rules. However, recently I have been getting a number of complaints about some of the quality of the art being submitted and I have just recieved 'the straw that broke the camel's back.'

Effective immediately, I am discontinuing the 'auto approval' function and I will personally be approving all content. I don't mean to scare anyone, but I really need to take a more hands-on attitude for the health of the group. I hope everyone understands.
Just a line or two to let Asuka fans know that Chapter 4 of my Evangelion fan comic will be released this Wednesday, August 18th. It is 77 pages long >whew<. Please look forward to it :)